Hiring contact

General Manager





Job Overview

Responsible for excellence in guest satisfaction; serves food and/or beverages to the guests according to established standards and keeps dining area clean at all times by performing the following duties:

Position Description

  • Possesses full knowledge of food and beverage products served and utilizes suggestive selling techniques.
  • Takes orders and delivers food and beverage in a timely manner.
  • Ensures guests receive immediate, friendly, and personalized service to build their intent to return.
  • Guides guests through menus, answers questions thoroughly, and provides specific item suggestions and information about the establishment. 
  • Maintains positive guest satisfaction by exceeding service expectations. 
  • Handles guest complaints or directs them to a manager.
  • Operates point-of-sale system with high level of efficiency and handles large amounts of currency. 
  • Practices proper cash handling procedures by addressing the point-of-sale system after every transaction, properly organizing money, counting change back to guests, and following appropriate checkout procedures.
  • Sets up and breaks down equipment and supplies.
  • Maintains work areas by organizing and cleaning service stations and pre-bussing tables as needed of all used glassware/plateware/silverware/etc. 
  • Writes down all orders and inputs them into the point-of-sale system accurately.                                     
  • Scrapes, racks, and stacks glassware/plateware/silverware properly in dishwashing area.
  • Acts as a final check on the quality of food and beverage items before they are served to guests and ensures appropriate garnishes and condiments are on plates.
  • Assists management in training new Staff Members within their department when applicable.
  • Completes all opening, running, and closing duties as assigned.
  • Delivers and/or carries (with or without trays) food and beverage items, for own and others’ tables, with a sense of urgency; knows all table numbers and floor plans.
  • When necessary, will occasionally assist host person with greeting and seating guests.
  • Adheres to responsible alcohol service established by company policy.
  • Understands and utilizes all safety and sanitation practices as defined in the safety program and reports any accidents to management.
  • Performs other duties and tasks as assigned or determined by management or supervisors and moves with a sense of urgency.
  • Adheres to all company policies and procedures as established in the Staff Member Handbook.

Skills and Experience

One to two years experience working as a food & beverage server in a high-volume restaurant; or equivalent combination of education and experience.